Custom Rug Program

Designed by you…
Created by us

Classic, modern or understated elegance.  Set the tone for your entire living space with the perfect custom rug.

Our broad selection of constructions allows us to achieve a desired look.  They include flat weaves, a variety of textures, soumaks, hand-knot, hand-tufted, hand-loomed and hand pieced hair-on-hide.  Our 500 colored pom system provides exactly the colors designers and architects are looking for.

Flat Weave
Shaded Plain
Tencel/Bamboo Silk
Hand Tufted
Hair on Hide
Hand Knotted
Raw Mohair Bedroom
Soumak Roses
Rug Design Services

Design the perfect custom carpet for your project and Dwayne Bergmann Interiors will create it for you.

It’s pretty straightforward:

  • Choose from one of our beautiful designs or provide your own
  • As soon as the design is finalized, we provide a computer rendering for your approval
  • We then produce a strike-off of your design in the colors you specify
  • Once a strike-off is approved, production on the carpet begins
  • Production time for many of our carpets is 8 weeks

Initial consultations are always complimentary.

Please call us at (239) 344-7455 and let’s get the conversation started.