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At Dwayne Bergmann Interiors, our design team of conceptual artists listens. And then, we listen some more. Because our designs are as unique as you are, we won’t go to work until we know you, your values, the things that make you happy, and the ways you use your living space.

We understand that your visual surroundings – your home, your environment – must be stimulating, stirred by motivation, emotion and enjoyment.

We guide every client through a visioning process that begins with a conversation. It’s what sets us apart from others. Whether your home reflects a love of entertaining guests, gathering as a family around the television or something in-between, we ensure the final result is tailored to your lifestyle and you. As an important part of our design team, each client is encouraged to share their dreams, their ideas, and their passions.

The result is a dynamic living environment that captures how you feel, how you live in every detail, from the monumental to the minutia. Every element, every accent is meaningful. In other words, it’s you, it’s special.

Initial consultations are always complimentary. Please call us at (239) 344-7455 and let’s get the conversation started.

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