Debbie G., Fort Myers

I have now decided to continue living in this condo, but want it to reflect my personality more…. I had thought about knocking down a wall so I could see the river from every room, but didn’t think it would be possible. Dwayne brought it up and and it changed the whole project. I will now be able to have the light and see our beautiful Caloosahatchee from nearly every room.

Lydia B., Fort Myers

He’s very thoughtful, organized and engaged. The moment you step into a space he’s envisioned, you feel welcomed. A lot of beautiful homes can lack heart and soul but Dwayne’s are warm. There’s a reason behind the things he does.

Frank G., Fort Myers

The true magic of working with Dwayne is his ability to gently pull you away from your ‘safe zone,’ of doing things the way they’ve always been done. You’re suddenly excited about things you could have never imagined on your own. During our first meeting Dwayne was able to clearly explain to me his initial thoughts – not an easy task since I normally have ‘zero’ ability to envision colors, style and elements unless they are placed in front of me.

Allyson L., Fort Myers

I’m a cabinetmaker’s daughter and a fashion designer who works within a 30th of an inch so I know all about matching joints and patterns. I got a sense of how modern he is and I really appreciated the quality of his finishes.

Diana, Fort Myers

I have never used a designer or other service in my life sans for personal friends advice and a few magazines for inspiration. When my kids left home (perhaps for good) for college, I decided their rooms could use a fresh coat of paint. Talking to my friend Dwayne Bergmann inspired me to indulge him further. I could never really see value in getting a professional to help with this type of work; the inspirational sort of which transcends beauty and functionability. Was I wrong? Yes! When I spoke to Dwayne, his easy manner, stress free approach along with rational vision on what my little spaces could become astounded me. Not only that, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money for what was to become guest rooms (while still being the boys rooms they were). Now, I am completely open to move past my lack of design aesthetic to let more of Dwayne’s imagination work magic in our home. Who knows what room is next, but I trust Dwayne’s style, his work ethic and honesty. In the whole process, the communication, attention to detail and quality of work continue to impress.

Dorothy, Sanibel Island

First and foremost, it would be unfair to characterize my collaborations, so far with Dwayne, as work. It is not work at all when you are being guided by such an extraordinary professional and person. He is incredibly talented and offers an unparalleled service to the clients that he choses to partner with. As you know Ron and I own several homes in large metropolitan areas, as well as, Sanibel, Florida. During the past three decades I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most highly respected designers in the industry, while living in Washington, DC. Maryland and New York. While the work is always done, I have never been completely enamored with the people or the process.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I have benefited greatly from many professionals expertise, but in order to develop a longterm relationship, it has to be not only the collaborative, but an incredible longterm partnership that includes the right chemistry and intimate knowledge of what a person wants to be reflected in their home, not to mention the ability to work within a budget. In the brief time that I have had the pleasure to know Dwayne he has worked on two homes and several projects, from landscape design, staging a home for market, material selection, furniture acquisitions, as well as most recently review of our latest art acquisitions. The projects have ranged from simple in scope to larger scale and extensive projects. The budgets have ranged from very limited to larger. He has consistently over-delivered and exceeded expectations on all accounts. As a professional he really has made my husband and I feel quite comfortable with each and every aspect of the projects from design, redesign, budget and delivery. One of his many skill sets is the ability to listen and incorporate all our ideas, often times when my husband and I are on different sides of the the design and budget spectrum. He moves comfortably with all different styles from modern, extremely traditional to beach casual. He navigates the process with not only incredible patience, but his deliverables are amazing and he has always come in within the within the project budget range. Most importantly, he is very transparent in his proposals and is completely comfortable with allowing a project to evolve as we each go through the stages of a project.

The depth of his ability in design range from the exterior to the interior, from landscaping to lightbulbs, he has consistently delivered phenomenal results. Our confidence in his capabilities have led us to engage him to help us with our largest project ever, building our dream home, on Sanibel. While I must admit this project is intimidating to me, I feel confident with his extensive experience in new home building, home renovation, landscaping and interior design, I’m in good hands. He will be involved from architecturals through landscaping to place settings.

I truly believe that he is exceptionally talented designer, has not only innate ability as well as exceptional and diverse style, but I ultimately believe that he will be nationally recognized for his skills in the field of design.