Chief Operating Officer


Julie Kwasnik brings her sunny disposition and can-do attitude to every aspect of her life, including in her capacity as an inspiring leader to the DBI team. Effortlessly applying a genuine commitment to providing exemplary service, clients and colleagues alike can agree she always delivers. Her years of experience makes her perfectly poised to propel the Dwayne Bergmann brand ever-forward. An inherent understanding of the needs of discerning clientele coupled with an appreciation for loving the space you’re in allows Julie to execute DBI’s client-first operations flawlessly.

As a licensed Real Estate Agent with a Luxury Home Sales Certification, Julie has built and managed Real Estate and Title Insurance companies in Maryland, Virginia, and Florida, where she now calls home. Originally from Baltimore, MD and still a dedicated Ravens fan, Julie enjoys paddle boarding, golf, jogging, being near the water, and doesn’t miss Baltimore winters one bit!

Senior Interior Designer


ASID, NCIDQ, Licensed in CT, NY, VT & FL
With over 30 years of experience in both commercial and residential interior design, Robin McGarry brings an expert eye and practiced hand to the DBI team. She deftly blends design styles to create spaces that are simultaneously simple and complex, strong yet subtle. Defined by their understated elegance, Robin’s signature can be found in her attention to detail and sophisticated layering of texture and form throughout all her projects. In today’s non-stop digital age, her use of disciplined restraint, clean lines, and balanced configuration are composed into a place of respite for modern families.

Robin’s appreciation for interior architecture is matched only by her commitment to protecting its integrity as a top priority in her work. Her keys to success are steadfast organization and meticulous coordination, allowing her to create great design under the DBI banner.

Senior Interior Designer


Mary Sica approaches each interior design project as a sacred partnership between client and designer. It is this fundamental baseline that allows her to develop a natural rapport and gain a deep understanding of her client as the source of truth in her designs. A creative collaborator, Mary practices design with the same principles as a fashion stylist. That of strategic layering, style-centric selections, budget conscious curation, and a fit tailored to exacting specifications. Beloved by DBI clientele for her impeccable sense of style, her interiors reflect their elevated taste.

Mary is an IDS Member, ASID Professional, and holds an Associate Degree in interior, bath, and kitchen design. The recipient of ASID awards, she notes that the ultimate reward is a delighted client. A self-proclaimed creative adventurer, Mary loves to travel in her ever-present desire to broaden her perspective. She finds respite in returning time and time again to destinations steeped in happy memories, but finds that her own home, which she shares with her husband, is her personal oasis.

CAD Designer


DBI’s resident jack-of-all-trades, Pat Atland brings a technical prowess to his role a CAD Designer. He entered the workforce as a professional welder where he gained a broad arsenal of proficiencies working with everything from structural steel to Harley Davidson motorcycle products. This experience opened doors to the worlds of construction, manufacturing, and design, in turn leading to the highly specialized fields of programming CNC machinery, product R&D, and quality control.

A move to Florida from his hometown for the role of CAD Designer in the residential and commercial building market would prove to be his first step on the path to joining the DBI team in the capacity he is in today. After working with high-end builders and various companies, Pat stepped out on his own to build a freelance design business. His adept computer design skills caught the attention of Dwayne Bergmann and they have been collaboratively putting ideas onto the computer screen and into reality ever since. Pat carries a creatively influential appreciation for art, music, drafting, and design throughout his life, both personally and professionally.

Marketing Director


Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Robin Correnti now calls Southwest Florida home; a move that would be life changing in more ways than one. In her early career, Robin cut her teeth at the prestigious New York Magazine as an account executive while immersing herself in the city’s palpable energy. A dream role at Madison Square Garden as an account manager developing sports sponsorships for the New York Knicks, New York Rangers and the New York Yankees would grant her the exclusive experiences of drinking from the Stanley Cup and seeing Barbra Streisand live at the Garden.

Robin joined DBI with over 20 years of advertising, marketing, and account management experience under her belt. Following her family’s relocation to the Sunshine State, The Correnti’s hired Dwayne Bergmann Interiors to do their complete home renovation. So delighted and impressed with the process and finished product, Robin joined the DBI team in April 2015 and the rest is history. Robin, her husband, and their two beautiful boys still enjoy the home made just for them to this day.

Senior Designer


ASID, Florida Licensed Interior Designer
Senior Designer

Drawing parallels to Dwayne’s own unconventional path to the world of design, Andrea Folcik spent the first 10 years of her professional life pursuing a career in her chosen field of study, Astronomy. She applied her highly technical mind to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Florida, going on to work in science research, teaching, and education. A return to school where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in interior design from Harrington College of Design in Chicago, IL would mark the first chapter of the next 10 years as a licensed interior designer.

Fast forward to 2017 when Andrea joined the DBI team with a dually technical and creative expertise in AutoCAD, corporate commercial projects, luxury residential, high-end multi-family properties, and model homes. Her signature aesthetic is informed by her Northeast roots and Floridian soul, a blend of cool metropolitan function and earthly grounding form. Equal parts meticulous and artistic, Andrea approaches each project as an opportunity to educate and inspire.

Interior Designer


As DBI’s first intern-turned-full time hire, Gabriella Murray has brought her outstanding enthusiasm and passion for design to the growing design team since joining as a student in the summer of 2017. She holds a BS in Interior Design with a minor in Construction Management from Missouri State University. It was there that she learned the valuable skills of creating 3D renderings with programs such as SketchUp, 2020 design and Autodesk Revit that she employs at DBI today. Though young in her career, Gabriella brings an uncanny ability to develop creative solutions and bring customized design concepts to life, guaranteeing complete client satisfaction. Her accrued several years of experience in cabinetry for the kitchen and bath make her an invaluable member of the Dwayne Bergmann Cabinetry endeavors and applications.

Gabriella mindfully choose this career path because of the constantly evolving and dynamic nature of the design industry. She thrives on the strategic planning, coordinating, and communicating with clients, vendors, builders, and project managers to turn clients’ ideas into a vision, plan of execution, and deliver stunning results. “When a designer changes someone’s environment it changes their perspective and that is a powerful privilege.” The Missouri native had made a new home for herself and her pup, Athena in Southwest Florida.

Junior Interior Designer


From Kentucky to Naples to Southern California to North Carolina then ultimately back to Southwest Florida’s Bonita Springs where she has put down roots with her husband and three children, Lea Taliercio’s experience is as layered as her collection of addresses. She began her higher education studies as a Pre-Pharmacy major but her passion for historic art led her to obtain a BA in Art History from the University of Central Florida. An internship at the Menello Museum of American Art led to an opportunity as a Key Account Manager at an art gallery in Santa Monica, CA where she handled such prestigious clients as 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, The Recording Academy, LACMA and the Getty Museum among others. It was there that she discovered her passion and penchant for design, returning to school to pursue an Associates Degree in Interior Design in 2009. Coupled with her five years as a manufacturer representative for high-end furniture brands in North Carolina – during which time she was named Sales Rep of the Year two years in a row by Taylor King – she joined DBI with robust experience. Here, she applies her knowledge of both design and the manufacturing process and capabilities to the push the limits in her designs and create one-of-a-kind looks.

Lea’s design style incorporates her love of nature with her generous use of organic elements and textures. When she is not designing, she loves spending her time photographing nature and volunteering as the Lead Set Designer at the Center for the Arts Bonita Spring for their youth theater program.

Junior Designer


Gabriela Selegatto attributes her Brazilian heritage and exposure to different cultures to her innate passion and gifted talent for drawing, art, and design. From a young age she participated in exhibitions and competitions where she explored her skills with pen and paper, in turn leading her to develop an interest in architecture and design. In 2011 she began her studies in Architecture and Urbanism at the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas in São Paulo, Brazil where she earned her bachelor´s degree in 2016. It was during this time that she honed her craft working on residential and commercial projects for a Brazilian architecture and design firm. A lifechanging academic exchange program to the University of Seville in Spain would come to shape her aesthetic and continue to serve as an influential source of design inspiration. As she traveled through 16 countries over the course of a year, Gabby absorbed the history, architecture, and cultural nuances to supplement the comprehensive academia of her program.

In 2016, Gabriela moved to the US with her husband where she became a fur-mom to a little wiener dog named Flora. Gabby flexes her artistic muscles with her expertise in drawings, 3D renderings, and software for the DBI team.

Showroom/Logistics Manager


Klaudia Yovino relocated from Poland where she was born and raised to Naples, FL in 2004 at the age of 12. She grew up mesmerized by the passion and precision her father employed in his wood shop, which instilled an appreciation for craftsmanship, the beauty of natural materials, and turning ideas into reality. She followed that desire to create and design to Fort Lauderdale where she would study Interior Design at The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She later landed a position that brought her back to her beloved Southwest Florida where she now resides with her husband, three dogs, and two cats.

"Kay" as she’s fondly known around the DBI offices, keeps the showrooms and logistics chains running like the well-oiled machines in her father’s shop. All the while observing and absorbing like she did as a girl to grow her dream and flourish as an interior designer at DBI.

Tile & Stone Company


Like the vast and mysterious world of fine art, the field of tile & stone is a category unto itself that overlaps with the world of design and architecture like a Venn Diagram. Though intrinsically intertwined, the art of procuring, applying, and maintaining these materials calls for the insights of an expert. Marla Davidson brings over 20 years of experience to the DBI team as the resident authority on all things ceramic, mosaic, and marble. She established her eponymous Tile & Stone Company in Tampa in 1999 and has now brough her expertise to the Fort Myers and Naples areas.

Having studied the masterful applications of these precious materials in Chicago, Italy, and France, it’s Marla’s passion that fuels her to create her own odes to the craft. Her tactful utilization brings a sense of beauty and balance to the home, enhancing and bringing to life the visions of the DBI design team.

Renowned for their expertise and ethics, Marla Davidson Tile & Stone Company has garnered the respect and loyal following of homeowners, award winning interior designers, custom home builders, and architects alike. Marla attributes her success to their ability to offer inspirations for exceptional design with thoughtful solutions tailored to the client’s vision and financial considerations.