Bergmann, growing up in Paris, Missouri, started riding horses when he was 2 years old. He later competed at the highest level of equestrian sports, winning world and national titles. Bergmann credits his years of showing horses with teaching him how to be connected, disciplined, and inspired. His love for horses, their grace and beauty, may very well have been the initial inspiration for Bergmann’s design career.

After earning his master’s degree in business, he became a senior executive at Home Depot and HD Supply. During his tenure, he gained extensive product and construction knowledge. He knows how projects are delivered, how they are managed, and how to adhere to a budget and on schedule.

During a visit to Bergdorf’s, Bergmann was reminded of his interest in handbags and decided to design a line. He studied Hermès bags and discovered they were made from a saltwater crocodile skin called porosus. Acquiring the skins, he designed a line to rival the legendary brand. Although the design process fueled Bergmann’s creativity, he quickly realized his true passion was interior design.

“You have to live a full life to be creative,” Bergmann said. “You cannot create from emptiness.”

In 2014, Bergmann welcomed the birth of his twin boys, Carter and Coleman. “My children are the only thing that can pull me away from design, but also inspire new design concepts and ideas,” said Bergmann. He sees parenthood as a blessing and a responsibility. Whatever their dreams may be, he wants to make sure his sons have every opportunity to achieve them.

“In the end, the goal is to be as creative as I possibly can be for my clients…undefined without limitations.”