Dwayne Bergmann




Conceptual Artist/Designer

Inspired and stimulated by art, nature and the visual curiosities of both the everyday and the extraordinary, Dwayne Bergmann has been expressing his artistic side in home design for the past decade, breathing new life into outdated spaces.

An experienced executive coach, artist and designer, he is a young yet seasoned pro with a fresh approach to design.  He is being sought out as one of the most creative options in the field of design/build in the SWFL region. An artist by passion, he is the consummate problem solver, finding creative solutions to improve and impact clients’ quality of life and work.

“I want to be the conceptual conduit for interior design reflecting the individual and how that person lives and uses their space,” he says. “I love the ability to motivate, help and impact people in different and meaningful ways.”

Demonstrating a multidimensional depth and understanding of unrestrained, undefined design, Dwayne wants clients of Dwayne Bergmann Interiors to walk into their home and feel as if they can’t believe they get to live there. He loves quality ingredients, all things art and design, and his twins Carter and Coleman who he is nurturing with his husband Luis.  He can be reached at dwayne@dwaynebergmann.com.