Some of my earliest and fondest memories as a child are the times spent cooking with my mom, aunts, and cousins. Without nearby restaurants, eating at home was pretty much the only option so learning to cook was the norm in our family. Cooking and sharing what we made was a major part of our socializing growing up and it has certainly influenced my personal love for entertaining, great food, and the calm that covers over me to this day when I cook. Cooking is never stressful and it’s always about making something from the heart and sharing with those I love.

If this sounds a little altruistic, it probably is, but I think it goes hand and hand with the values I was raised with and I’m hoping to instill the same in my twin boys, Carter and Coleman. While they are still pretty young (2.5 years old) we have already started exposing them to the kitchen and include them in their food preparation. Their favorite is probably pancakes. When they were really little, I would say “watch for the bubbles… watch for the bubbles…” so they would know when we had to flip the pancakes. For the longest time, they would ask me to cook “bubbles daddy, cook bubbles!” They love making cookie dough (and especially tasting it), as most kids do, but they haven’t really got hooked on the cookies yet. (I guess we are probably lucky for the time being, I am sure it is only a matter of time before they figure out how yummy warm cookies with milk really are!)

I look forward to teaching the boys how to make everything from omelets to homemade bread, to turkey at Thanksgiving and pecan pie from scratch. I am sure there will be a ton of toasted cheese sandwiches and brownies along the way but regardless of what we make, we will make it with love, and cherish the experience creating something to share with our friends and family together. I am hopeful they will someday look back and know our time together in the kitchen was as much as about making something good to eat as it was as building our bond as a family. The kitchen can certainly be a great place to build family values and lifelong memories so don’t be afraid to let your kids join you, you might be surprised on how much fun you have together! Thank you Mom for taking so much time to share with me all of your little life lessons and cooking secrets during the time we spent together cooking in our kitchen!

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