Decorating a rental property requires a different approach from designing your own home. While home renovation projects are a great way to unleash your creativity and personal style, when decorating a rental, you want to create a space that anyone can imagine themselves living in. With much to consider it can be a tough balancing act, but on this week’s edition of Your 4 Walls Dwayne shares his top tips for designing a space fit for any family.

Naturally, when it comes to rentals, it’s best to keep furnishings simple and clean for your tenant to fill with their own furniture, memories, and mementos. But, as we say at DBI, luxury lies within the details. Don’t be afraid to upgrade door handles, curtain rods, and even wall decor. These tiny pops of style bring character into an otherwise simple design, elevating your space for future guests.

Having the right lighting is a fundamental element when decorating your rental property. It’s always a good idea to balance natural light and a warm atmosphere. A good amount of natural light drawing through the interiors of a home creates a relaxed and welcoming space. Integrate cozy lighting to provide effortless ambience and personality with stylish lamps and chic ceiling lampshades.

Exterior updates are just as important as the interior design within the home. Your property’s facade is a prospective tenant’s first impression, so it should look as clean and inviting as possible. Make sure the exterior gets that overdue power wash, and don’t forget to clean your gutters for good measure. Enhance your landscaping by cutting the grass, trimming the hedges, and clipping any hanging tree branches. Going a step further, planting flowers creates a picture-perfect green space to welcome your guests.


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