Set the tone for the rest of your space with a first impression that reflects you. Aside from curb appeal, your entry is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your home. Crossing the threshold into your world should be a highly personal, welcoming, and satisfying moment for guests and inhabitants alike. Depending on your layout, it may very well be a window into the rest of your space, with sight lines to other rooms. Taking into consideration its highly visible, and highly trafficked position, function and flow are essential. The design should blend seamlessly with the rest of the rooms visible from this vantage point, while also standing on its own as a purposefully designed space. If your entry serves as the drop zone for family member’s coats, shoes, etc, implementing (and encouraging) use of storage solutions will make the space livable, yet luxurious. Dwayne’s go-to entry-enhancing element is a stunning floral arrangement, whether real or faux, flowers or plants, it brings energy, color, and texture to the space with a warm, homey touch.

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