Dwayne and the team wish you all a happy and healthy Fourth of July! Whether hosting or barbecue-hopping, Dwayne shares his favorite summer side dishes that are sure to make a statement. Celebrate the sensations of summer with these 3 easy no-cook meals for your Fourth of July celebrations.

Add some color to your barbecue with this fresh slaw tossed in lime dressing. With only 3 major ingredients, this colorful crunchy salad is super simple to make. Filled with green cabbage, red cabbage, and carrots topped with lime and cilantro, it makes the perfect pairing to anything you have firing on the grill. The dressing is just as effortless and refreshing— mix fresh limes, a neutral oil of your choice, and a dash of honey or agave to create this simple dish bursting with a big flavor.

This bite-sized treat is the perfect appetizer for entertaining. The ingredients are simple, and they come together so naturally. Assemble skewers by lining up a cherry tomato, basil leaf, and a mozzarella ball on a toothpick. Dwayne suggests stacking with the basil in the middle! Douse the skewers in pesto for the perfect Mediterranean snack. These fresh tiny treats are an effortless and elegant summer go-to that is sure to be a family favorite.

Nothing quite captures the essence of summertime like a fresh watermelon salad. A true match made in heaven, the salty creaminess of good feta turns watermelon from a simple treat into something decadent. Cut up half a watermelon and toss with feta, mint, and a dash of rice vinegar to balance the sweetness. It’s best to prepare this dish right before serving when the watermelon is fresh, crisp and the cheese is mixing just right. The ultimate expression of summer, this salad is a beautiful juxtaposition of sweet and sharp sensations.


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