As Dwayne suggested in the Wink segment, you don’t have to sacrifice style when sharing your home with a furry friend. Whether you’re doing a full renovation or just a refresh, it’s important to factor in the wear and tear as well as the abundance of stuff that comes with your new family member. Opt for stylish storage solutions dedicated to their treats, toys and accessories. When possible, choose durable performance or outdoor fabrics and rugs to make cleaning up after pets a breeze. If you’re training a new pup and want to make sure they stay out of certain rooms, look for decorative gates. There are some surprisingly chic options on the market these days! A bonus suggestion not mentioned in the segment is how to make stylish dog beds and custom scratch towers. If you’re reupholstering a piece of furniture or replacing a carpet, ask Dwayne how to secure the leftover fabric or carpet to customize coordinating pet furniture.

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