For the final installment of our mini-series reflecting on our first year of Your 4 Walls we’re shining the spotlight on style. From personal style to living stylishly, Dwayne shared some pro tips along the way for how to identify design styles, his signature look, and how to create an aesthetic that’s all your own. With the rise of social media, there is a greater focus on how people live their lives than ever before. Unless you live in an area where entertaining at home was commonplace, we often didn’t get a glimpse behind closed doors. Now, with a literal lens into our homes, it’s more important than ever for our space to reflect our personalities and be every bit as stylish as we are.

During the past year, Dwayne has referenced some of his favorite design styles when suggesting design ideas or offering inspiration. From Hollywood Regency to Bauhaus, Spanish Revival to Modern, Contemporary to Traditional, the textures, lines, palettes, and shapes of these and other aesthetics are often incorporated into Dwayne’s projects. There are clear guidelines and parameters used to define these distinct personas, but it the skillful blending across multiple styles that creates something truly unique. In an early edition, we took a look at historic influences in design, and how interiors have evolved to meet the ever-changing needs and preferences of their inhabitants. Applying key design principles while staying true to yourself is the recipe for personal, yet universally stylish spaces.

In a dedicated installment all about Dwayne’s personal style, we learned from the man himself how he defines the term. Inspired by classic men’s haberdashery and the likes of Tom Ford and Armani, there is often a subtle nob to menswear in his designs. The most important element? Fit and quality. Whether it’s an expertly tailored suit or a perfectly upholstered sofa, the attention to detail makes all the difference. Drawn to sophisticated silhouettes and a balance of textures, he always opts for timeless and effortless pieces. Similarly to his love of vintage clothing and fine menswear, Dwayne’s preferences for apparel make a seamless transition to his interiors. The masculine lines of his cabinetry collection juxtaposed with glamorous finishes exude style!

It is no longer enough to simply dress the part, you must live the part! To truly be considered in vogue, it’s important that every aspect of your life reflects your signature aesthetic. Over the weeks and months of quarantine, Dwayne suggested streamlining your closet, refreshing your rooms, and redefining what home means to you and your family. If you take on those challenges through the perspective of creating your “brand” not only will it help you cut down on pieces that don’t fit your new look, but it will help you more clearly define what your style is.

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