‘Tis the season to turn your home into a festive masterpiece! This week, Dwayne shares his top tips on how to sprinkle some holiday magic throughout your space. From organic wonders to unexpected delights, we’ve got you covered to transform your home into a winter wonderland.

Dive into nature’s treasure trove with organic decor accents that bring the outdoors in. Picture live garlands, pine cones, oranges, and red berries dancing together to capture the essence of winter – it’s like a stroll through a holiday forest right in your living room!

Why limit the holiday cheer to the obvious spots? Sprinkle joy in unexpected nooks! Dwayne has been loving draped garlands adorned with red berries, turning his kitchen table into a festive feast for the eyes. Or consider infusing scents of pine and evergreen in bathrooms and home offices for a fresh fragrance reminiscent of a winter wonderland.

Decorating is an investment, so let’s make it shine all year round. Elevate your space with timeless glam – think brass and bronze candle holders and vases that are not just for the holidays but are style mavens for all seasons. Dwayne encourages mixing and matching metallics with similar undertones to create harmony throughout the space.


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