Throughout his experience collaborating with Kreoo, Dwayne has become privy to the world-renowned behind-the-scenes processes, further deepening his appreciation for the natural material. Enchantment awaits as Dwayne explores form and function demystification, finds inspiration in the unexpected, and shares his favorite applications from past projects.

For millennia, marble has been the medium of the artisans. Taking heed of the pristine white Calacatta and Carrara applications left behind by ancient civilizations, Dwayne challenges himself to modernize the noble material. Being embedded in marble fabricator Kreoo’s process, Dwayne has built an intimate relationship with the natural stone. Dwayne found inspiration within the overlooked marble fragments, showing that the beauty of marble lies within its imperfections. Embracing the surprises and bounty of repetition, Dwayne conjures the natural beauty of layering stone and its endless possibilities for form and function.

Dwayne has always had an appreciation for the organic essence of marble, using it for projects over the years. His recent collaborative collection with Kreoo is home to some of his favorite applications. The stacked Venus dining table and Giza console have garnered industry admiration and appraisal, as their striking bases form from cascading marble slabs. Some of Dwayne’s personal favorites lie with the unexpected applications of the ancient stone. Exemplified by the Alexander pendant fixtures, a contemporary remix of marble, wood, and brass that blends highly varied textures into clean lines, gentle curves, and organic shapes. This piece showcases his inventive genius and the endless scope of design possibilities. As Dwayne always says, luxury lies within the details. Exalting the definition of livable luxury, sophistication knows no bounds with the Athena napkin holder. Tactfully carved from black and white marble, this piece declares luxury is all in the details. Building upon the inventions from the artisans of the past, Dwayne reaffirms his relationship to marble through these timeless pieces.


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