With an emphasis on natural materials, master craftsmanship, and personality-infused style, it’s no wonder that destinations like Mexico City are at the forefront of the design conversation. For years, designers and homeowners alike have been making the pilgrimage to this vibrant epicenter where old meets new to discover the makers and find inspiration. Dwayne Bergmann takes his cues from Mexico City through his seamless blend of indoor and outdoor living, appreciation for fresh, local produce, highly personal art and an air of worldly sophistication. This next stop on our Destination Inspiration tour is home to an undercurrent of design influence infused intrinsically into a rich culture.

With centuries old traditions and time-honored techniques passed from generation to generation, many Latino cultures continue to create products, art, and textiles that have come to define their signature aesthetic. Using natural resources like exotic woods, wools, and earth to create furniture, rugs and pottery becomes a celebration of the land. Welcoming these handcrafted works is like inviting a little piece of history and soul into your space, enriching the story your home says about you.

When Dwayne is asked to define “Latino design” his answer is there is no one way to describe it. It is not just bright fabrics, Spanish style architecture, and painted stone wear. It’s original art by young, talented artists, it’s innovative, modern spaces that defy the line between indoors and out, and it’s an inherent appreciation for material, craft, and tradition woven into every byproduct of a city obsessed with design. Sustainability for example is not a buzzword, it’s a way of life. Mexico City dwellers immerse themselves into the bustling streets, grand architecture, and lively alleyways to seek and offer inspiration. Informed by history, Mexico City tells the story of blending tradition with modernity in a way that emphasis and respects both equally.

Bring the flavor of Mexico into your home for a night of culture through cuisine and craft, hold the cliché! Instead of tacos and tequila, opt for elote soup, churro dippers, and mezcal-infused “agua frescas” in flavors like guava, papaya, pineapple, and watermelon for a fresh and fun take on Mexico City-inspired street food. Roasted meats, garden fresh salsa, and juicy tropical fruits can be found at just about every vendor. Most important to the authentic experience is to enjoy your delicious, casual Mexico City inspired meal with friends and family… and a squeeze of lime!


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