Kicking off our second mini-series of the summer, we’re taking you on a journey to cities around the world. While travel is picking back up, many are still wary of traveling internationally, so we’re bringing the inspiration to you! For our first installment, we’re headed to the azure waters of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Inspired by the fresh citrus fruits, trellised gardens and European coastal elegance, Dwayne Bergmann will share how to incorporate the “dolce far niente” lifestyle into your home. With design tips, as well as some recipes to enjoy at home as he plays guide on a virtual tour of the cliffside Italian cities.

These days, the ultimate luxury is time. On Italy’s Amalfi Coast, that means time to meander through winding streets, dine leisurely for hours at restaurants perched on a mountainside, and lounge under candy colored umbrellas as your cares drift out into the crystal clear Mediterranean waters. Replicate the luxuriousness of the sweet life in your home by creating retreats where you can indulge in a figurative escape. Whether it’s a quite spare room, private nook, or a tucked away area of your yard, make it your own and enjoy every minute of time spent with yourself.

One of the defining characteristics of the Amalfi Coast are its hillsides dotted with pastel hued architecture, laced with boldly purple wisteria, and dotted with bright lemon trees. The palette exudes freshness, with a playful exuberance. Whether you’re looking to design a space inspired by the seaside city or set a dinner table for a theme party, considering using these colors for an authentic interpretation. With crisp white as your base, blue as an accent, and natural fibers like rattan and linen, your Amalfi fete will look just like a postcard. Pro tip: Avoid traditional nautical themes! While Positano, Sorrento, Capri and more are traditional fishing ports, they’ve evolved into elegant escapes that redefine coastal living.

With grapefruit sized lemons available at pushcart vendors around every winding corner, the citrus fruit stars in many dishes from sauces to desserts. Squeeze some fresh juice over a salad or a marinade for grilled meats. Dwayne has been experimenting with lemon non-dairy ice cream, lemon bars, and lemon ricotta cheesecake in preparation for summer parties to come. And of course, what trip to the Amalfi Coast would be complete without the signature bright orange Aperol Spritz! Light, flavorful, garden-fresh fare paired with tart cocktails make for an Italian vacation worthy celebration.

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