With the freshness of spring in the air and flowers blossoming all around us, we’re reminded of the power of scent on our emotions. That happy, uplifted feeling is no coincidence, but a reaction to the delightful smells that surround us this time of year. Dwayne Bergmann wants us all to stop and smell the roses as he shares his tips on inviting sensorial scent-sations into the home.

Scent is one of the most memory triggering senses we have. One whiff of perfume, a favorite dish, or a glass of wine could transport you back to a particular moment, experience, or person. Wine connoisseurs, chefs and perfumers alike file these away as notes to refer to later when creating or evaluating their concoctions. Taking a page out of their book, why not create your own blends that harken back to happy times. Find a local essential oil or fragrance shop and get to sniffing! As you browse the isolated scents, identify the memory they inspire. Keep a collection for the next time you need a little reminder.

Dwayne loves a good candle, for their function as well as decoration. But if you want to introduce scent into the home with alternative methods, he has got some tips for you. Luxury room sprays are an easy, no mess way to add fragrance to a space. Many high-end beauty brands have started introducing them in recent years so you can get the smell of your favorite perfume in any room. For a more natural approach, add fragrant ingredients like citrus fruits, essential oils, or baking spices to a pot of water and bring to a boil. This will fill your home with delightful warmth and leave a lasting impression.


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