Like sharpened skillsets and refined palettes, style is ever evolving. Constantly deepening as you are exposed to new inspiration and techniques, all as you gain a more confident and complete sense of self. So many things influence one’s perception of style and even the most subtle changes can have a lasting impact. Fortunately for Dwayne, the progression is well-documented throughout his work.

Starting his career in the world of contract grade building products, Dwayne quickly defined his own decorating style as distinctly more personal. As he began his design career, his sensibilities were infused with the motifs of the coastal communities in which he was working and adorned with products and brands he started to collect. Later, as his confidence and client list continued to grow, a whole new world of bespoke design opened up to him. It is here where Dwayne’s truest sense of what it means to live stylishly plays out. With more command over every aspect of a project when it comes to custom design, it’s now possible for Dwayne to create homes that are one-of-a-kind embodiments of their inhabitants.

Now a highly sought-after interior and product designer, his definition of style takes its cues from prestige menswear brands, exquisite craftsmanship, global travel, the finest materials, and masterful details. Employing more restrain, using color strategically, and incorporating personal touches with a practiced hand, he is a different designer than the man who quit his executive job to invest in his passion all those years ago. As true to himself and his clients as ever, there is always a thread of je ne sais quoi that is ever present in a Dwayne Bergmann Interiors project.


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