Twice a year, the design industry descends on a small town in North Carolina like the Fashion Week of interiors. Within a relatively small radius, there are more furniture manufacturers than anywhere else in the country. The trade-exclusive showrooms, exhibitors, and vendors open their doors to thousands of designers, wholesalers, and tastemakers from around the country, all hoping to discover new brands and products that make their projects sing. While Dwayne Bergmann Interiors plays in the luxury, custom realm of design, the influence of High Point on the industry as a whole is undeniable. From emerging micro-influences to decade defining design, you can find it all at High Point Market. Our trend scouts reported back their findings for this year’s stand out styles and influences.

For the last decade at least, the cool, casual, yet retrained elegance of Scandinavian design has swept the globe. We see it everywhere in the blonde woods, neutral palettes, and clean lines that define the aesthetic. At High Point we began to notice a shift towards a fresher take on this classic design style, moving toward the California inspired look we’re seeing dotted across social media. The introduction of matte black, luxe layered textures, and of course, bringing the outside in distinguish this style from its predecessor. While Scandinavian is by definition modern, it’s cool Cali cousin has influences of bohemian, new farmhouse, and modern Japanese monastery infused into its DNA. Both share a love of simplicity, organic, and natural elements, but we’re seeing more literal interpretations of this movement in these newer iterations including woven cane and rattan just about everywhere we looked.

The soft, supple woolen texture has been on the scene for a few years now at the high-end luxury level. We’ve seen it upholstered onto Bauhaus inspired oversized armchairs and curved sofas. On this trip to High Point it was featured in just about every showroom, on every type of furniture, and certainly on every trend spotters list. We did however notice that some versions took artistic license with higher piled loops, colors other than the traditional white, and juxtaposing complimentary textures. Boucle adds an element of luxuriousness and depth to any space, making it an ideal addition to any interior.

Sage, emerald, olive, chartreuse, forest, you name it, we saw it. Green was just about everywhere this season! From velvet sofas and accent chairs to glassware and rugs, it is the uncontested most used color of the year. Experts believe it is influenced by our desire to go back to nature after spending the better part of two years indoors. In addition, the shade range makes it ideal for any interior style. Emerald adds a regal element to any Hollywood regency or glamorous space while the soft olive tones that we’re also seeing splashed across fashion trends pairs seamlessly with the Scandifornian style we called out above. As much of an accent and it is a neutral, green is having a major moment in the sun and we’re here for it.

While mustards and saffron spice hues have been popular in the past several years, we noticed an emerging trend more towards deeper rust colors. As is often the nature of trends, they deepen and enrich as they continue to infuse into our interiors.


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