As we reflect on the past year, with all of its unexpected twists and turns, moments of joy and moments of hardship, it is defined by our resilience as a community. We rose to the occasion to meet the challenges of navigating our “new normal” for the second year running, and discovered ways to make the best of it. Leading by example, Dwayne Bergmann found new ways to keep his creativity flowing, kiddos engaged and occupied, and growing his business ever further. With the end of 2021 in sight, we at DBI have big plans in store for 2022. The addition of our new Naples showroom this year is just the beginning of our expansion into new areas of our business. Stay tuned for exciting news and milestones to come in 2022.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, happy, and healthy new year!
Cheers to 2022!


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