Happy New Year! In 2022, Dwayne Bergmann isn’t just setting resolutions, he’s putting action plans into place to realize them. Too often the lofty goals and high hopes we burden ourselves with on January 1st succumb to reality before the end of the month if not sooner. With the best of intentions, we set out to “improve” ourselves in some way, but this year we’re focusing on enhancing our lives.

The turn of a new year can feel like the ideal time to make that big change or finally get that thing done, but resolutions often represent an area of our lives that we’re dissatisfied with and suddenly determined to change. Instead of examining all the things you think you need to improve, channel that energy into appreciation for the blessings, milestones, and challenges of the previous year and how they culminated into where you stand today. Looking back at the decisions we made and how we handled situations and the outcomes they led to can be incredibly informative. This year, challenge yourself to put those learnings to good use, being mindful of showing our past and future selves the kindness we all deserve.

Those goals aren’t going to achieve themselves! After your introspective look back at everything you have to be grateful for from the past year, take a look forward at the joys and inevitable road bumps that lie ahead. Go confidently into 2022 with a plan for achieving manageable goals with benchmarks along the way. No matter what your “resolution” is, be it a traditional one like losing weight or saving money or more ambiguous like being a better friend or being more present, defining and tracking success is key. What does achievement of said resolutions look like to you? Put that projection out into the universe to manifest it into reality.


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