Ever wondered what a day in the life of a renowned interior designer looks like? Dwayne shares the daily routines that keep him grounded and prepped to take on his highly creative and oftentimes high-speed world.

Dwayne’s creative world is hectic and fast-paced. From overseeing various projects, managing a team of world-class designers, and tending to his personal family life, it’s important to utilize the moments of calm and stillness. Dwayne sets a positive tone for his day by taking some time before his two sons wake up to practice gratitude. With a packed schedule awaiting, Dwayne finds taking a moment to ponder what he is most thankful for, grounds him in the present moment and shifts his perspective to be less likely to dwell on future anxieties. After completing this routine, he takes a moment to relish a cup of bone broth infused with a blend of collagen, super greens, grass-fed beef protein, and the zesty essence of a freshly squeezed lemon. During this time, he also diligently drafts a to-do list for the day ahead. This dual practice not only offers an abundance of nutrients but also translates his tasks into a tangible format, significantly enhancing his ability to handle and organize his workload.

While at the office, Dwayne maintains the role of creative director and CEO of the firm. He hits the ground running with client calls, overseeing selections, and other business operations. He takes the time to genuinely get to know his clients, their personalities, and their needs during the conceptual design stage in order to perfectly match a senior designer to execute the vision.

Dwayne values his home and family life as his sanctuary. Nothing beats coming home after a busy day and sharing a meal with the ones he loves most. Dwayne finds preparing a meal for him and his family to enjoy therapeutic after a long fast-paced day. Taking advantage of seasonal eating, his current go-to is grilled halibut with charred tomato vinaigrette – a super simple summertime dish the whole family loves. Juicy heirlooms act as a bed for grilled fish, and slightly charred sweet cherry tomatoes give the vinaigrette a subtle smoky flavor. Cooking provides the perfect creative outlet outside of design, and this time to unwind with family preps him to tackle the days to come.


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