In a heartwarming endeavor to bring joy and comfort to two brave young souls, the DBI team has embarked on a special project in collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The 13-year-old twins both suffering from terminal heart conditions, have chosen room makeovers as their sole cherished wish. This philanthropic effort aims to create cozy sanctuaries for Elena and Ivana, and their furry friends. Let’s dive into the details of this beautiful initiative and how the DBI designers created a dreamy retreat for these inspiring young girls.

The beautiful journey began when Fran Waldman, a Make-A-Wish grantor, approached Dwayne with the heartfelt request to grant the twins’ wish for room makeovers. Fran had previously granted the wish of the twins’ brother, who also battles a heart condition. Inspired by the twins’ story, Mary, from Dwayne Bergmann Interiors, volunteered wholeheartedly to lead this initiative transforming the double bedrooms with love and compassion.

Elena and Ivana, both in 8th grade, share an unbreakable bond as twins. Both affected by a terminal heart condition, the remarkable pair possess a resilient spirit that has touched the hearts of those around them. Choosing room makeovers as their sole wish, they expressed a desire for a tranquil space to return to after the growing demands of life and school. As well as, a space that prioritizes accessibility for their beloved two cats and displays their hard-earned soccer medals and trophies. Following in line with their wishes, the DBI designers transformed the bedrooms into a haven of comfort, one that reflects their personalities, and showcases their dedication and achievements all the while fostering a cozy ambiance.

The DBI team are not strangers to the power of design and the ways in which a personally curated space can transform your life. Fully embracing the opportunity to create a truly magical and meaningful space for Elena and Ivana, the project created a true sense of joy and contentment for the team. With the support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the design expertise of DBI, the girls’ rooms have become a sanctuary of love, comfort, and cherished memories. The reveal was a magical tale of hope, strength, and unity, as the twins’ dream space became a reality.


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