Over the years, our homes have been honored as the foundations of our lives. We’ve noticed a shift into individualism, playful intrigue, and adopting a new perspective of living amongst luxury. As we near the mid-2020s, Dwayne shares what he thinks will define this decade of design.

Dwayne predicts this next decade won’t take itself too seriously. We’ll see all-white interiors being swapped for pops of color. Think 1970s-inspired shades of beige, sand, ochre, terracotta, and rust. Alternately, opt for rich creams and earthy greens like olive, sage, and forest. Embrace color in unexpected places, with full-color rooms, colored kitchens, and even colored ceilings to infuse new personality in your home space.

Our connection with the natural world will continue to grow stronger into this next decade. Dwayne predicts the continuous merger of opulence and the outdoors, and honoring the elegant interplay of the imperfections of natural materials. There has been a linear connection between luxury and sustainability. So, opting for materials like jute, timber, and stone such as marble, limestone, and travertine or textured fabrics like bouclé and cord will immediately upscale the home. Ceramics are also an easy way to infuse natural texture and depth into your styling.


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