Western films, with tales of fearless cowboys, horse riding, and homes on the range, have romanticized the classically all-American way of life. From nature’s most biodiverse wonders to an extensive history rich with a variety of cultures, textiles, and crafts, Dwayne shares some tips for inviting the homestead charm of the West into your Floridian abode.

The West and the Southwestern United States have some of the most beautiful color palettes found in nature, with copper-colored layers of rock climbing towards seemingly endless deep turquoise skies, and warm shades of brown. One of Dwayne’s favorite things about Western-style design is how much it’s inspired by the land around us. Yellowstone, America’s first national park, is home to diverse geothermal features creating pools rich in jewel tones. Microorganisms thrive amongst extreme water temperatures, existing as streaks of citrine, teal, and amber. Taking a cue from Mother Nature, create a naturally warm foundation through mahogany brown or travertine furniture. Use jewel-toned woven textiles to punctuate earthier color palettes to mimic the extravagance of nature’s untapped springs.

With strategically placed windows framing picture-perfect acres of pristine land or massive stone fireplaces stretching towards copper ceilings, ranch life promises cozy moments of solace. Encapture the West’s rustic charm through the usage of hammered metals. Incorporate this earthy essence with copper planters, mirrors, and light fixtures. Use different finishes, like aged bronze, copper, or brass for some extra color and texture.


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