Interior designer Dwayne Bergmann, founder and principal of Dwayne Bergmann Interiors, based in Fort Myers, announced the launch of Dwayne Bergmann Cabinetry, his new line of custom cabinetry for both residential and hospitality projects.

Since opening his business in 2013, Mr. Bergmann, a talented artist as well as designer, has become known for his personalized and distinctly creative designs. His and his team’s approach is to, first and foremost, listen to his clients’ needs and then use this information to design with abandon, tearing down the walls of what’s possible to create spaces that are as authentic and dynamic as the individuals for whom they are designing. He brings this same approach to product design.

“I understand the role kitchens and bathrooms play in the home, and refuse to compromise style to accommodate function,” said Mr. Bergmann. “I believe you can have it all. My quest to redefine these utilitarian spaces by seamlessly integrating them into the designed home is what fueled my desire to develop my own custom cabinetry line.”

Mr. Bergmann is launching his collection with these four highly customizable cabinetry profiles, with more to come in the future.

The fluted door profile is a departure from the solid and one-dimensional ones typically used in kitchens and baths. This design adds visual interest with its unique and textural form, and depending on the paint application, this otherwise static piece gives the impression of movement as you walk by it. The customization options of this profile are endless, including the spacing between the flutes (narrow, medium and wide); the direction of the fluting can be vertical or horizontal; the material can either be solid wood or melamine, the latter of which is an organic-based, nitrogen-rich material that is incredibly durable and especially good when used in humid climates due to its ability to expand and contract; and the finish can be virtually any paint you choose, including metallic.

Mr. Bergmann had always loved the look of a cove molding but had only ever seen it applied to furniture, not cabinetry, probably because there is little room for error. Inspired, he sought to create a cabinet profile that resembles a beautiful piece of furniture with storage behind closed doors, and while it can be used anywhere in a kitchen, bath or for built-ins, he envisioned this enlivening a center island next to a great room, where the kitchen could be experienced as an artistic expression, featuring a combination of functional furniture and art. This design is crafted of melamine, because of its durability. It comes in two different sizes, a 4- and 6-inch span; the direction of the scalloped profile can be horizontal or vertical; and like the fluted profile, the finish can be virtually any paint you choose, including metallic.

The design capabilities of the Silhouette profile, which can be crafted of solid wood or melamine, are virtually endless, depending on the need and the atmosphere in which it will live. What really differentiates this profile from the others is the thickness of the material, which allows for more versatility than, say, a thinner material. Designs can feature an undulating line that rises and falls from one cabinet to the next, or can mimic the sensual but balanced shape of the female form that curves in and out from bottom to top. Paint finish options are endless.

Reverse bevel
With the Reverse Bevel profile, Mr. Bergmann is putting his spin on the traditional Shaker-style door and elevating it for a more contemporary interior. This style can be crafted of solid wood, melamine or veneers. The width of the bevel can vary from narrow to wide, and virtually any finish option — including paint, stain and veneer — is possible.

Mr. Bergmann’s custom cabinetry will be on display in his new studio in Naples, which is slated to open this spring at 1391 Third Street S., and it is also available through the company’s office in Fort Myers. For more information, contact Ann Feldstein at ¦


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