Dwayne Bergmann may not be a household name just yet, but he’s working on it—diligently. The designer opened a large working showroom in Fort Myers (where he’s based) in 2014, and now that he’s launched his own eponymous cabinet line, he’s decided it’s time to have a presence in Naples. “It is the first look at everything designed and created by Dwayne Bergmann, the brand,” the designer says. While there is a functioning design studio in the back of the 1,400-square-foot space, the “eye-candy” you experience when you first walk in is all a part of the Dwayne Bergmann line. Every piece of furniture here is his creation. “I am not just putting my name on another line,” Bergmann says. “These are truly unique and different pieces.” The line is best described as a fusion of styles: a bit Art Deco, a bit Hollywood glamour, a bit midcentury modern; but with its own personality. “This is an artistic expression; it is not for everyone,” Bergmann says. He points out he created the cabinet line for the person who wants to see something artistic in their home—not just another brown or gray box.

The showroom is laid out to look like a pied-à-terre. Upon entering, there’s a receiving desk under a dramatic slotted wood frame with Art Deco lighting and an emerald green Dahlia chair. To the right, is a small kitchen area with a stadium-shaped island. On the opposite walls, Bergmann has placed three unique bathroom vanities separated by arched beams. Next up is a lounge/bar area with a black-and-white bar, sofa and coffee table—again, all designed by him.

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