For Dwayne, being a father is about more than just caretaking. It’s about creating a sanctuary where his twin boys feel safe, supported, and encouraged. It’s about breaking the mold of traditional norms to be an involved, present parent while running a business. And it’s about setting an example of what it means to be a good man, a good person for all those in his life that look to him as a leader. From the home to the workplace, to the community, Dwayne’s most important role as a father colors every aspect of his life.

A few weeks back, Dwayne and his husband Luis were featured in an article in the March issue of Gulfshore Life that shined the spotlight on a few local dads making a big impact at home and in the community. Honored to be counted among the other doting dads, both he and Luis shared their perspective on fatherhood. By limiting screen time and promoting self-management through creativity and independence, they are providing an environment where their boys can flourish and grow.

At Dwayne’s house, Father’s Day is every day! But this year, on June 19 they’re planning to make it extra special with some outdoor activities, tasty and healthy recipes, and quality time. Sharing their passions and supporting each other’s, each member of the family will contribute an idea for them all to enjoy. Kicking off the day with a family tennis tournament followed by scratch-made brunch is Dwayne’s idea of a perfect morning. Share how you’ll be spending Father’s Day with the wonderful dads in your life!


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