Dwayne Bergmann is no stranger to livable luxury and keeping his clients’ happiness at the forefront of his priorities. So, when commissioned to design a spec house in Talis Park, Naples, the forward-thinking designer strayed from the typical coastal standard of the region to create a utopia of fine finishes fit for those accustomed to true opulence. Masterfully crafted blends of hardwood, marble, glass, natural stone, and intricate porcelain enrich the space to the highest caliber. A fairytale home one could only dream of.

The story of this Naples dream home started with Bergmann picturing an imaginary client – someone who loves brands and drives a Mercedes with a Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbag sitting comfortably on their shoulder. He created a space for those experienced in luxury who would be impressed by the caliber of finishes and furnishings throughout the house.

Fantasy meets reality, as finishes take center stage. High-volume ceilings are enriched through an array of ceiling details, flooring is covered in wide plank Legno Barstone hardwood, and hand-picked works from independent artists can be seen dotted throughout the space. But, why stop there? Bergmann pampered his hypothetical client with premium bedding, personalized furniture fabrics, and elegantly dressed windows. Decorated with understated sophistication, Bergmann earns his place as a tastemaker pushing the bounds of luxurious living.

Dazzled by the lighting, the accessories, the paintings, and the marble and stacked stone flowing from the living room to the kitchen, some may say for couple Joan and Brett, it was a match made in heaven. Set against the exuberance of coastal living, Joan sought a classy and elegant retreat. As she toured the house and entered the lavender-bathed primary suite, she knew, “Dwayne designed exactly what I wanted and it was right there waiting for me. This is it.”

This couple’s fairytale ending didn’t stop at the interiors. After falling in love with the house, Joan and Brett met with Bergmann to create their lavish outdoor setting. Continuing the level of design carried throughout the inside of the home, Bergmann aimed to create an outdoor setting to complement the couple’s charm. The pool area and outdoor kitchen provided the ideal backdrop for entertaining family and friends. With a meticulous eye and keeping the client’s needs at the forefront, Bergmann proves luxury can be your reality.


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