There’s more to Southwest Florida than white sand beaches and glorious sunsets over the Gulf. Dotting the shoreline are enclaves that are home to vibrant communities. Their residents have come from around the world to enjoy the splendor of the verdant, waterfront towns, villages, and cities. Each bringing with them the flavors, traditions, and histories from their hometown, adding to the fabric of society they’ve built here. The common thread is a welcoming and thriving destination for visitors and permanent residents alike. Dwayne Bergmann has made a home for himself, his family, the DBI team and their clients that embraces the natural beauty of Southwest Florida.

With so many contributors influencing its style and culture, Fort Myers, Naples, and the surrounding areas are a melting pot of architecture, cuisine, and lifestyle. Since settlers first arrived in the mid to late-1800s, the coastal region has seen many iterations and interpretations of paradise living. Drawing from the French style of their native Louisiana, the first builders in Naples left an undeniable mark on the community. Almost immediately, it became a destination for the county’s elite to enjoy the pristine landscape and unbeatable views. Today, with Spanish influence and a wave of modern and contemporary design that shows no signs of slowing down, the style of Southwest Florida is one all its own.

Living within moments of some of the best beaches in the world certainly shapes the lifestyle of Southwest Floridians. Proximity to the splendor and serenity creates a veil of relaxation over the communities. The pace slows to a gentle cascade, even in the busting city centers. The lush gardens and natural parks beckon outdoor enthusiasts to explore the unique geography. Situated at the southwest edge of the state, it is the perfect destination for South and Central American travelers, as well as attracting people from every corner of the country. You may come to the area for the gulf views, tropical temperatures, and leisurely lifestyle, but you stay for the rich culture the previous and current inhabitants have created.

Dwayne and his family are not only firmly rooted in the Fort Myers area, they’re immersed in the community. Welcoming clients from every corner of the globe who have chosen to call the area home, he has a special ability to serve as a one-man welcoming committee to the family-friendly, elegance enclave he calls home. Involved in numerous community-based organizations, foundations, and charitable endeavors, it’s a top priority to give back to the neighbors he cherishes so dearly. Dwayne is just one example of the kind, inclusive residents, all of which consider themselves blessed to live amongst one another in paradise.


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