We’ve discussed how important living well at home is to our overall wellbeing and happiness. Dwayne Bergmann has shared his best practices and tips & tricks for turning habits into rituals and moments of restive into restorative reprieves. But this installment of Your 4 Walls is all about self-love. Making commitments to yourself, for yourself that are meant to make you feel good, look good, and do good. All in an effort to achieve the best version of ourselves, we’re setting our intentions towards self-improvement. Join us in making a resolution to kick the new season off right.

Total happiness can only be achieved through gratitude for what we have in the present moment. A wise person once said, you can never be truly happy living in the past or the future, only the here and now. Take a step back to look at your life from an outsider’s perspective. The rich relationships with friends, family, community members and colleagues that color our daily lives. The house made into a home with the buzz of constant growth and change. The wealth of knowledge accrued by experience, mistakes, made and lessons learned that have coalesced to get you where you are today. Being grateful for your blessings is the key to satisfaction.

Now that’s not to say there is not always room for improvement! This month, make a deal with yourself to commit to something that will make you better. But first, let’s define “better”. Outline your big picture goal. Whether it’s to lose weight, get a new job, learn a new skill or simply balance it all, identifying the prize helps keep your eye on it. With the start of the new school year and a collective buckling down after a summer of fun, perhaps it’s mastering a new routine. Lost sight of your own well-being this past year and change? Reclaim it by introducing self-care practices like breathing exercises, journaling, and spa moments into your days. Just remember, change doesn’t happen overnight, or in a week or a month. Give yourself the grace to get there any way that feels right for you. Being kind starts with being kind to yourself.

The final step in your journey to self-improvement is spreading the love. Nothing warms the heart like doing something kind, thoughtful or generous for others. It teaches us the value of what we have and the realization that sharing it with those in need makes it all the more precious. Be it support, time, or a friendly ear, you’ll make their day and in turn, brighten your own. Giving back is an essential step on the path to self-love, and an important lesson to share with little ones from an early age. Make this season defined by how much you put back into your community, relationships, or the world at large. Then notice how much happier you are for having put a smile on someone else’s face.


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