At Dwayne Bergmann Interiors, every day is a celebration of the incredible women that comprise our dynamic team and the friends and family members that make it all possible. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re taking a look back at the rich history of women in design. We’re also celebrating the ladies of DBI that bring our vision to life and make your dreams a reality.

Recognized as the world’s first professional interior designer, Elsie de Wolfe made a name for herself by becoming the first person, let alone woman, to be paid a commission for the design of interior spaces. She was a pioneer for a new class of professionals with a sense of design that redefined American aesthetics. One equally notable and influential woman following in her footsteps was Sister Parish, one half of the design duo Parish-Hadley best known for their uniquely warm and distinctly American style. Other lauded early female designers include Dorothy Draper and Candace Wheeler. In times when decorating was considered one of the only suitable professions for women, these ladies left their mark on the design industry, paving the way for the one we enjoy today.

In a 2013 article, Interior Design magazine shared that while the American Institute of Architects counted only 18% of its 83,000 members as women, a study the publication conducted of Interior Designers reflected 69% of the 87,000 professionals surveyed as women. Today’s design trailblazers are redefining the profession while continuing to bring innovation, creativity, and unique perspectives to the table. At Dwayne Bergman Interiors, women touch every part of the business from leadership to design. In awe of his own mother, Dwayne brings a genuine appreciation for working moms to his practice and community through his charitable endeavors. With causes for women close to his heart, he and his team of incredible women seek to make the world around them a more beautiful place to be in every sense of the word.


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