After absorbing the trends spotted at the fall design shows this season, Dwayne always feels inspired to introduce them in his projects. However, it takes a tactful hand and thoughtful approach so that the style of the moment is both seamlessly incorporated into the rest of the interiors and is timeless. Trends, and their even more fickle friend fads, can be tricky to accommodate. When clients request the latest looks, Dwayne knows just how to approach the task.

Not all trends are for everyone or every interior. Something that catches our eye, like a color that’s having a moment or design style that seems to be all over our Instagram feeds, might not be the right choice long term. There are so many factors that designers consider throughout the selection process, and while trends are certainly one of them, timelessness is key. There are thoughtful ways to incorporate the season’s hottest looks without compromising the overall vision. Start with smaller items like throw pillows, accent chairs, decorative art, and accessories to sprinkle in the trendy pieces. These can be swapped with relative ease and can either act as a subtle hint or bold statement in your existing space.

There are some trends that are so beloved they transcend the fleeting nature of their peers and find permanent placement in our homes and a designer’s repertoire. In recent years, velvet, biophilia, and the biggie, mid-century modern have all started as micro trends and grown into full blown movements. Something about them resonates with us, draws us in, and changes how we think about our homes and spaces. Versatile enough to be adopted across many design styles, yet recognizable enough to catch our eye when scrolling through social media, heightening our collective appreciation. When these elements can be universally adopted and adapted to any individual’s personal style, it snowballs beyond the “top trends” lists and has the power to define a decade or longer.

The trend we at Dwayne Bergmann love the most is YOU. That’s right, highly personalized, bespoke and one-of-a-kind interiors are the new “design style” of the moment. Now more than ever, homeowners, hoteliers and commercial property owners want their spaces to reflect their inhabitants and accommodate their needs. The sterile, magazine-perfect spaces that fit squarely into one defined style are so last season. Today we want our interiors to be a representation of our personalities and enhance our lives with smart solutions and custom finishes. We at Dwayne Bergmann Interiors can say with certainty that this trend is here to stay!


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