Weightless, gravity defying, unexpected. Not words typically associated with stone or objects carved from it, but in the case of Dwayne Bergmann’s latest collaboration with marble fabricator Kreoo, they are. Making its global debut at Salone del Mobile in Milan earlier this month, the collection has already caught the industry’s eye. The standout collection won “Best of Salone” as well as being featured in Business of Home’s Best Debuts at Milan Design Week 2022 round up. Set against the city-block long “booths” of international furniture brands, the collection’s dignified solemnity and commanding presence was impossible to miss.

Dwayne has always loved the organic nature of natural stone, utilizing it throughout his projects over the years. Inspired by the masons of ancient civilizations, he pushed the boundaries of its application to craft monumental displays of originality. Utilizing otherwise overlooked pieces not large enough for surface application, Dwayne maximized the natural resource by seeing beauty in imperfection and potential in the fragmented pieces that equal more than the sum of their parts. In concert with other natural or juxtaposing materials such as clear acrylic, various metals, painted lacquer and veneered wood, the result is a truly unique convergence of materiality.

The collaboration with Kreoo presented an opportunity to re-imagine the functionality of the centuries-old material into distinctly modern furniture and l’objet d’art taking on a whole new form. The tables were the talk of town, particularly the “asymmetrical dining table with a stacked base named Venus and a bold black-to-white ombre console dubbed Giza”, says Business of Home. Inspired by the complexities and nuanced intricacies of the lives of a home’s inhabitants, he created something evocative using simple geometric shapes and artistic forms. This sentiment exemplified in the staggered stone bases with regal brushed brass tops and the majestic wood tabletop perched upon seemingly delicate marble legs. Dwayne also plans to introduce lighting, decorative accessories and tabletop pieces to the collection, furthering his affinity for livable, yet luxurious details.

Italy-based marble fabricator Kreoo has been defying conventional applications of natural stone since 2010. Valuing the highest quality artisanship above all else, they offer bathtubs and washbasins, tables and seating, lighting, and tile in an array of styles and finishes. Their ability to “balance between timeless memories and contemporary lifestyle” made them the perfect partner to bring Dwayne’s vision to life.


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