We at Dwayne Bergmann Interiors are officially declaring February for love! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and the start of Black History Month kicking off this week, what better way to celebrate than empowering ourselves, our families, and our communities through love. Often overlooked or taken for granted, it is the secret ingredient in passed down family recipes, the spark between people that care for each other, and the driving force behind what we do every day. Discover how Dwayne is spreading the love this month and beyond.

We all have things we love; some are even lucky enough to have things we’re passionate. For Dwayne, it’s his commitment to giving back to his community and building beautiful spaces that serve to enrich and enhance the lives of others. He expresses his love through actions and those actions have ripple effects throughout his home, with his little ones following in his footsteps, as well as his team, clients, vendors, and community. Bringing a profound sense of gratitude to any situation allows you to feel the love that went into it and therefore be inspired to pay it forward. This month, take the opportunity to show and tell those you love just how much you care through small yet thoughtful gestures like giving out homemade treats, volunteering your time, or just expressing what’s in your heart.

As a kind of love letter to our homes, Dwayne suggests we take a much-needed pause from our hectic lives and jam-packed routines to pause and reflect on the walls that surround us. Not just a shelter or place in which we live our lives, but a sanctuary that keeps us safe, beautifies our lives, and offers a space to be ourselves and be with the ones we love. Pay homage to your home this month by going room to room identifying things you love and areas of improvement, commit to making it a place you want to be that best serves your family’s unique needs, whether that’s through a small update or major renovation. Dwayne wants everyone to love their home and much as his clients do, which means understanding what’s already working well and what could be even better. The secret to loving your home is imagining the way you want to live and infusing it with the reality of how you actually live for a harmonious and high functioning space.

On Saturday, February 5th Dwayne will be hosting “The Believing in Girls Gala”, a black-tie preferred fundraising event for the Pace Center for Girls in Lee County. For more information or to donate to the organization, please click here.


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